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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Spoken English Tips, Speak English Fluently

 How to improve your spoken English: 5 tips

English is language of business and professional communication in India.
Even in academics, most courses in Indian institutes and universities are offered in English, therefore even for students, it becomes extremely essential to have a command over English language that aids them to excel in their academics.
Let us look at some tips on how to improve your English communication:
#1 Forget the fear
The main problem with most students who find it difficult to speak English well is that they lack confidence and they have a fear that they might go wrong and will be laughed at.
But if you do not start practicing English communication how would you know where you are going wrong and where you need to improve. We all make mistakes and the only way to learn is to practice and have others correct us.
#2 Think in English
When communicating in English language, many students tend to think in their mother tongue and speak in English.
If you wish to improve your communication in English then first you need to start thinking in English, i.e., change your language of thought from your mother tongue to English as this reduces the effort of translating your thoughts from your mother tongue to English.

#3 Word power
Improve your vocabulary to improve your communication. Keep a dictionary handy and use it to learn the meaning of a new words that you hear but don’t about its meaning.
Make a list of such new words as and when possible and try to use these words when you are communicating in English, this helps you make your language richer.
# 4 Use the media
Read English books, newspapers and magazines. Watch English news, TV shows, movies, preferably with subtitles.
The more you hear the more exposure you get to new words to add on to your vocabulary and you get more familiar to the pronunciation and intonation of different words.
Record your own voice and listen to it. This will help you gain confidence and work on your mistakes.
#5 Call a friend
Also try and find a friend who is also interested in improving English so that you can practice together, correct each other and learn together