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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Prepositions (in, on, at, to)

Prepositions (in, on, at, to)

                    Rules for Prepositions IN, ON, AT, TO

Basic Rules

 A.  AT a time
 B.  ON a day
 C.  IN a month (season, year, decade, century)

 D.  AT an address
 E.  ON a street
 F.  IN an area (neighborhood, town, borough, state, country, continent, ocean,
     the world, the solar system, the universe)

               20 Special Rules for Prepositions IN, ON, AT, TO

 1.  look AT and listen TO
 2.  TO with verbs of desire, necessity, expectation
     love TO, like TO, hate TO, want TO, need TO, have TO, hope TO, expect TO
 3.  AT night
     IN the morning, IN the afternoon, IN the evening
 4.  ON transportation
     ON the bus, ON the train, ON the subway, ON a plane, ON a jet, ON a ship,
     ON a bicycle, ON a motorcycle, ON a surfboard, ON a skateboard
     IN a car, IN a taxi, IN a small boat, IN an elevator, IN a helicopter
 5.  AT an intersection (where two streets cross)
     AT Broadway and 42nd Street, AT Fifth Avenue and 34th Street
 6.  ON an island, ON a farm, ON a college campus, ON earth, ON a planet
 7.  expressions that mean sometimes use different prepositions:
     from time TO time, ON occasion, once IN a while
 8.  IN a park, IN a yard, AT a playground
 9.  ON anything flat
     ON a plate, ON the wall, ON the floor, ON a shelf, ON the blackboard,
     ON a table, ON a desk, ON the stove, ON your face, a hat ON your head
10.  IN a room or anything smaller
     IN the closet, IN a drawer, IN a cup, IN a bowl, IN a glass, IN your
     mouth, ideas IN your head, a look IN your eye, a ribbon IN your hair
11.  TO when moving from point A TO point B
     go TO school, drive TO work, take a trip TO Boston, take your kids TO
     school, fly TO London, walk TO the library, bring your dog TO the vet
12.  ON a/an [adjective] morning, afternoon, evening, night, day
     ON a cold afternoon, ON a sunny morning, ON a rainy evening,
     ON a Saturday night, ON a spring day, ON a special night
13.  ON vacation, ON the weekend, ON a trip, ON a picnic, ON your break,
     ON a leave of absence, ON your lunch hour
14.  IN the water swimming (or drowning), ON the water boating
15.  AT the beach (the whole place), lie ON the beach (=ON the sand), play IN the sand
16.  ON anything like a line
     ON the coast, stand ON line, ON the border, ON the side, ON a team/committee
17.  ON forms of communication
     ON TV, ON the radio, ON the phone, ON the fax machine, ON the computer, ON
     a disk, ON a CD, ON a hard drive, ON a channel, ON a screen
18.  a report or news article ON the economy (ABOUT the economy)
19.  ON time for an event or activity: Come to the meeting ON time. Be in class ON time.
20.  IN time (or too late) TO do something: Get to the station IN time TO catch a train.